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Sponsorship opportunities are offered in the form of "Award" Sponsorship.  Sponsors provide the monetary awards for the competition and are a vital and much appreciated part of the event.  

Local Business in the CBD are invited to host a "Business Spot" for the day.  The idea is to host performers out front of your business allowing them to use your space.  Buskers may also need use of a power outlet. 


Buskers will be on a rotating roster to ensure fairness to both the Buskers and the host venue.  In return the "Busker Host" will enjoy free entertainment for their customers and the opportunity to be part of this exciting event for Cooma.


We encourage businesses to "Value Add" by offering specials, hosting a BBQ or providing outside service plus extra outside seating so you can make the most of increased customers to your business.  Outside seating may be as simple as a milk crate and a cushion.  Anything to encourage people to linger longer.


Busker Venues will receive their own Busker Venue Promo Poster and a performers timetable prior to the day.  Again we encourage lots of self promotion using your business.

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